Ryan Marchand

Ryan Marchand is a songwriter and live-looping artist who has recorded and produced 10 albums of original music. Ryan has been on the road for 10 years touring North America, Europe and Egypt.

Ryan creates an orchestral live-looping approach, and precisely arranges his equipment to create a sound-sensory listener experience. Ryan’s live-looping is much like live-mixing. Each sound is captured live. The art is in balancing the subtlest tones, EQ’s and volume to create a sonic spectrum and fullness comparable to recorded music.

His musical style draws from funk, reggae, progressive rock, pop, roots driven blues, and classical compositions. His performance takes the listener on a musical odyssey, building in layers and complexity as the show progresses.

A portion of each performance is left open for improvisation to create a unique experience every time.

Watch and listen to some samples!