Rukkus is a fun versatile duo/trio that plays great dance, rock, classic, and country music from the 70..s, 80..s 90..s, and the current billboard charts today. They’re worth checking out! Introducing the sounds of Rukkus, the most entertaining duo/trio in the Tampa Bay area: Our song list is on our blog, however we are flexible as far as music selection if there is something special you would like or theme for your event. We also can add a drummer, another female singer, bass player etc., if you prefer a larger band. We have years of experience in the entertainment industry and conduct ourselves as professionals. Feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, or new ideas. We are here to help make your event a memorable experience. Andy Brock: lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars Belkis Perozo Foster: lead vocals Andy and Belkis have joined together to perform their favorite sounds of the past and present. They promise you an experience that you..ll be sure to tell your friends about and keep you coming back time and time again. If looking for a relaxing evening with good tunes and a good time, they’re a pair you won’t want to miss!!!

Watch and listen to some samples!