Joey Dee and The Starliters

Joey Dee & The Starliters® – One of the Greatest Names in Entertainment – Over 50 years later and still fabulous, performing continuously “Wowing” audiences from coast to coast with their high-energy show.

The performance includes their hits interspersed with a wide range of selections from pop, rock n’ roll, and mixed with spirited dancing and comedy. It’s all done in the inimitable style that millions of fans have come to expect of the legend that is Joey Dee & The Starliters®, with standing ovations.

Joey Dee reflected on The Starliters impact on the music industry and influence on other artists through the years. “I think we were the only act ever to make a nightclub famous (Peppermint Lounge®) and at the same time make ourselves famous. We were a band that motivated the audience and I think we still do today. My goal every time I get on stage is to get the audience involved to make the show as great as possible. Having sold over 15 million records, Joey Dee & The Starliters® remains very popular today.

Joey Dee, a true Icon that created a worldwide sensation with a song and dance that today, more than 50 years later is still very popular. Turn on the radio, or watch an old movie and chances are you are going to hear The Peppermint Twist®. Don’t be surprised if you start twisting and singing whether you are young or old.

Watch and listen to some samples!